Jewelry Care

Bling Kouture provides you with excellent top-notch quality jewelry that does not tarnish. Although our merchandise is tarnish free, we do have a few recommendations to keep your jewelry looking as new. 

  • We recommend keeping your jewelry away from water being that water has the ability to potentially damage the surface of jewelry. 
  • Keeping your jewelry away from harsh chemicals like chlorine and ammonia because they have chemically damaging properties.
  • Store your jewelry in a safe place so it is not susceptible to becoming damaged. 
  • Apply all perfumes and lotions before putting your jewelry on because they have the ability to dull your products. 
  • Beware of jewelry cleaners and instead use a mild soap and toothbrush to clean the jewelry.

Allergy Alert

Bling Kouture takes pride in making our kweens happy so we make sure to list every material that our jewelry is made out of to prevent any mishaps that may happen with you being allergic to a specific metal. Please be advised that we are not responsible for any allergic reactions that are to occur to our jewelry being that we make it very clear which material is included in our pieces.